Free Webinars at AAVSO

Our cousins at AAVSO are offering a free set of Webinars.  I checked it out, and there seem to be some great topics coming.  We have worked closely with AAVSO on a number of occassions and are very happy that they brought these to our attention. 

Observing Program Announcement: New Observing Programs - 2022

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They are:

Special Opportunity from the American Astronomical Society

Download the newsletter HERE

NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS) Looking for some feedback

We partner with NASA on a number of our Observing Programs.  Although this is not a formal partnership, it might be of interest to some of you.  IF so, please jump on it.  They would greatly value your help.     - Aaron


Observing Program Announcement: Observing Program Mentor Award

It is time to recognize those astronomers who have played a major role in mentoring one or more novice astronomers in our hobby of astronomy.

Now is the time to submit their name as a nomination for the Astronomical League's Observing Program Mentor Award.

The website has all the details: .  Who do you know that deserves this award.  Nominate them today!  

Observing Program Announcement: New Herschel-II Object List

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, but thank you to those who brought it to our attention.  Thanks to efforts by the Coordinator, it is now all sorted out.

The new Herschel-II observing lists are now on the web page.


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